Robo-Met.3D® Services

UES offers processing of your material specimen on our in-house Robo-Met.3D Services system. Based on your feature of interest, material type, and ultimately the data you are seeking to extract, our technical team will work with you to determine proper processing parameters to ensure you get accurate reconstructions of your material.

Once the images are collected, our post processing professionals will create a three-dimensional reconstruction of your specimen using the latest visualization software.


Porosity calculations, Average grain size, ALA grains, Distributions, Volume statistics are some examples of the data that can be generated once we characterize your material in 3D.

Please contact us here for a detailed quote or for more information.


White etching region (WER) in M50 Steel – Conventional 2D Microscopy

WER inM50 Steel – Robo-Met.3D Dataset and Analysis

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