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Looking for an innovative solution to a unique challenge or just want to improve efficiency? Check out the some of the products we've created by coupling our extensive background in research and development and our experience in technology transfer.


IBIS™ Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch

From our research and development efforts, our scientists have created a compact gallium arsenide-based switch capable of handling ultrahigh voltages (over 75,000 V) and current densities in less than a billionth of a second, with ultralow jitter.

Applications that require rapid application of high voltages will benefit from this technology breakthrough. The initial application for IBIS™ PCSS enables a portable capability for future nuclear weapon effects evaluations to ensure sufficiently hardened equipment.


ELMNTBAELMNT™ Conducting Ink 

Wearable electronics need to be durable and hold up to the most demanding environments. They have to be light, flexible, and comfortable. That’s why we created ELMNT™ - a family of conducting inks based on liquid metal technology with outstanding performance for flexible, stretchable, and wearable applications.

We’ve adapted ELMNT for most printing and deposition processes onto many different substrates. The conductive ink is currently formulated for blade coating, screen printing, airbrushing, and aerosol jet printing. We’re ready to partner with you and your application. 


20210825-AuNP-135221-1-1Aura™ Gold Nanoparticles 

Our patented and proven process for high yield gold nanoparticles is cost-effective and makes gold nanoparticles accessible for a wide range of applications. Aura gold nanoparticles feature high mass extinction coefficients, precisely tunable size and length, tunable aspect ratio to optimize absorption wavelength, well-controlled purity and uniformity and ready functionalizability with CTAB, PEG, and Polystyrene.

UES' Aura high quality gold nanoparticles can be tuned for your applications and cost-effectively scaled to meet your demands.We make some of the highest concentration spheres, rods, and nanowires available, reducing your cost and simplifying your process.


SHSAA7042Super High Strength AI Alloy 7042

Our challenge was to improve the structural efficiency of launch systems by replacing the Ti-5Al-2.5Sn ELI alloy for Liquid H2 Turbopump Impellers with an aluminum-based alloy. Aluminum is about 1.6 times lighter and is less sensitive to the hydrogen environment. Al-7042 exhibited good properties over a broad temperature range (-269˚ C to 100˚ C). A Liquid H2 Turbopump Impeller was fabricated and successfully spin tested.

The Super High Strength AI Alloy 7042 offers:

  • Direct Chill cast 7042-T6 has mechanical properties similar to 7075-T6 or 7050-T74 forgings, but with superior stress-corrosion resistance as compared to these alloys
  • Forged products made from 7042-T6 are 25-35% stronger and tougher than similar forgings made of 7075-T6 and 7050-T74 alloys
  • Extruded 7042-T6 products have ~30% higher specific strength than Ti alloys


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