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Mature Technologies through Research, Development and Commercialization

Ideas and Concepts developed in a Research environment can be selectively developed, matured in UES' Technology Transition Process. UES specializes in offering services to engage in this daunting endeavor, with expertise and a proven track record.

In addition to a strong science and technology core, we specialize in market and customer analyses, intellectual property protection and milestones for development and sales through our strong relationships with the academic, industry and government customer bases. Some of our specialties include Additive Manufacturing Validation services, Surface Engineering, Materials Characterization, and Nanomaterials scaleup. Our team flourishes with the technical breadth and the supportive work environment that UES provides, and consistently meets our customers' high expectations.

Advanced coating technologies present options to many organizations seeking to optimize their existing products. Our specialization is in modifying surfaces of solid materials without affecting their bulk characteristics to modify friction, erosion, corrosion and oxidation characteristics. 

UES is a proud member of America Makes, BioMade, Semi, NBMC, Affoa and NextFlex, all leading and collaborative partners in technology development and STEM workforce development.

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