2024 AFRL Biotech Days Summit 

At a Glance:

- Dates: 27-28 February 2024

- Location: Wright State University Student Union, Dayton, Ohio

- Parking: Lots 1 and 2 are open to attendees.

- See Agenda Here - Includes meeting location and parking information

- Dress Code - Military members: UOD/Business Casual for Attendees & Service Dress for Oral Presenters/Panel members. 

- Speaker presentations are to be uploaded by  Wednesday 14 February 2024 - watch email for details.

- Thank you for your positive response and support for this event. In-Person Registration has now been closed as our capacity is reached. Virtual registration will remain open until 24 Feb 2024.

Agenda Highlights
Biotech Days Summit Registration
Thank you for your positive response and support for this event.
Please let us know below if you plan to take advantage virtual attendance.

Virtual attendees: Watch for instructions on how to join virtually.

Presentations are Due:  14 February 2024. Presenters - Please watch your email for instructions to send in your presentations. Please ensure that your presentations are cleared for public release and carry Distribution A markings. This meeting will be recorded.

In-Person Registration has been closed. Thank you to all that participated in the 2024 event.

AFRL Biotechnology Community of Practice



The Biotechnology CoP shapes AFRL’s biotechnology portfolio from an enterprise perspective to build a defense ecosystem that includes the joint force, industry, academia, and our international partners to remain in the lead of an increasingly competitive and uncertain operating environment.



The Biotechnology CoP serves as a forum to:

  • To communicate the direction of AFRL’s biotechnology portfolio to a larger audience and to show its alignment with DoD objectives.

  • To encourage technical exchanges and exploration across Technical Directorates and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.  

  • To foster strategic collaborations that lead to better technical solutions for the DAF.