Advances in Automated Optical 3D Materials Characterization

  • vsundar


    Advances in automation have made possible the cost-effective collection of three dimensional microstructural information. When optical microscopy is used as a data collection method, the scale of sample analyzed is correspondingly large, as is the variety of materials that can be analyzed using such techniques. 3D materials characterization circumvents the weaknesses inherent in geometric models that are used to estimate distribution functions and topological properties by providing actual data. In this study, Robo-Met.3D, an automated system for 3D materials characterization, is extended to characterize materials properties such as porosity in additively manufactured parts, and in ceramic and organic matrix composites, as well as challenges such as analyzing grain size distribution in aerospace materials. The resulting visualizations provide insights into materials properties and processes.

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Advances in Automated Optical 3D Materials Characterization