Extend your die casting component life with TitanCoat™

TitanCoat at NADCA's Die Casting Congress & Exposition October 15-17, in Indianapolis, IN

Visit us at booth #517! We welcome the opportunity to connect to discuss your advanced coatings needs.

NADCA attendees are eligible for a promotional trial offer of our TitanCoat product. The TitanCoat family of filtered arc and PVD coatings are proven to provide longer component life in die casting, wear parts, and injection moulding applications by reducing erosive wear, die soldering, and thermal cracking. 

Our advanced coatings provide enhanced productivity, consistent lifetime between planned preventative maintenance, and ultimately substantial production efficiency for customers such as Honda of America, Castec, JMMS, ProMac, and Eastman Kodak.

If you would like to pursue this promotional offer or schedule a time to speak to one of our experts at NADCA or at a later time, then please complete the form. We will respond shortly with confirmation details.

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