UES wins Materials Research and Survivability Studies Contract

October 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce that AFRL/RXAP awarded UES Materials Research and Survivability Studies (MaRSS) contract. The contract value is $121.1 million, distributed among the winners over a six-year technical performance period.

Dayton Firm to Assist AFRL in Evaluating Hardened Materials Dayton, OH, 30 Oct 2015The MaRSS contract covers five technology areas in dynamic fields such as hardened materials, survivability and photonic materials technology advancement. The advanced research that UES performs in these areas is expected to complement other ongoing research efforts in AFRL’s mission, as well.

Rob Hull, Director of UES’ Photonic and Electronic Technologies Division and program manager on this contract, adds: “Winning this contract complements the effort we already have with other survivability contracts at WPAFB, and provides UES with another means of supporting this critical mission of AFRL. Transition from current research by UES into MaRSS research will be seamless. At UES, we pride ourselves on being RXAP’s technical partner, working side by side in the laboratory and in the field to advance photonic materials research.”

Dr. Nina Joshi, CEO, shared that UES has been successful, in part, due to its unique strengths. “UES is not just a pass-through organization supplying only subcontracted support; we are fellow researchers. Our strong research capabilities both on base and at our corporate laboratories make our selection as a MaRSS contractor a low risk, best value decision," she adds. “We’re honored to be a partner in this effort, and we are committed to this program’s success.”

About UES Inc:

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