Serial Sectioning of AM Metallic Samples

November 03, 2017

Over the past year, the authors have explored the use of a serial section microscopy system to characterize the 3D topological and microstructural aspects of metallic AM laboratory samples to improve the linkage between process intent and the resultant structure. Mechanical-polishing based sectioning was employed with optical and scanning electron microscopes, as this approach enables volumetric coverage of laboratory-scale samples (typical volumes ranging from 5 – 20 mm3) while maintaining micrometer-level spatial resolution. Initial efforts focused on quantifying the internal porosity, microcracks, and surface roughness of AM titanium and nickel alloy samples, as these features are easily observed and amenable to image segmentation from as-polished bright field epi-illumination optical microscopy images.

Find the extended abstract here: Application of Serial Sectioning Microscopy to Additively Manufactured Metallic Samples


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