Durable CMAS Resistant Thermal Barrier Coatings

May 01, 2013

UES was recently awarded a Phase I Army SBIR to develop a durable, CMAS resistant thermal barrier coating (TBC). TBC’s serve to protect components of turbine engines, but are susceptible to damage under service conditions due to environmental contaminants such as calcium-magnesium-aluminum-silicon-oxide systems (CMAS). In this Phase I SBIR program UES, Inc. proposes to investigate the feasibility of rationally selected TBC’s and their architectures for CMAS resistance and durability. Highly ranked TBC architectures will be selected for further development in Phase II.

Successful completion of the proposed technology will provide highly durable CMAS resistant thermal barrier coating technology. This technology will enable significantly enhanced durability of the hot section components of advanced turbine engines operating in sandy environments and will be applicable to both military and commercial aircraft.


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