Durable High Temperature Coatings for Utility Scale Gas Turbine Hot Gas Path Components

February 28, 2014

For advanced gas turbines where turbine inlet temperature reaches 2650F and beyond, even the current state-of-the-art thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems are not adequate to provide the needed protection for the metallic components of the turbine engine. Thus, there is a need to develop new chemistries and architectures for TBC systems (both bond coats and top TBCs) with enhanced durability. For the top TBCs, we propose to develop innovative coating chemistry, having the desired attributes for higher temperature operation in advanced gas turbines. For the bond coat we propose to develop a coating chemistry having thermo-mechanical compatibility with the relevant metallic alloy. The developed top coat, bond coat, and complete TBC system (metallic alloy/bond coat/top coat) will be evaluated in terms of relevant characteristics needed for application in advanced gas turbines. TBC materials with new chemistries will be synthesized and their relevant characteristics will be evaluated. Bond coats having chemistries and thermo-mechanical properties compatible with turbine engine metallic components will be fabricated and evaluated. A complete TBC system with an optimal bond coat and top TBC will be fabricated utilizing conventional techniques. Validation of the as-fabricated TBC system will be accomplished by evaluating its relevant characteristics and by comparing with the current TBC system.

Commercial Applications and Other Benefits: The TBCs developed in this program will have application in turbine engines utilized in electric power production, propelling aircraft, pumping fluids etc. Successful completion of the project will enable gas turbine engine to operate at elevated temperatures with higher efficiency (lower cost), lower emission (less environmental pollution) and increased reliability and performance.


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