The Importance of Fun at Work..

January 27, 2023

This coming Friday, January 27th, is “Have Fun at Work” day. It could be one of the least appreciated “Social Media Holidays” ever. And one we’ve been observing, officially or unofficially, at UES for a while. I’m thinking we here at UES are on to something as we have a lot of fun at work.

There’s actually research that reveals that enjoying your work has a positive impact on engagement, creativity, and purpose with the added benefits of increasing job satisfaction. When we find tasks enjoyable, we're more eager to dig in, complete them and feel good about it. And, I always say, the career scientist has the best job in the world as we’re discovering, uncovering, inventing, and creating daily. What could be more fun than that?

We are fortunate that we are able to be in a profession that affords us the latitude to explore, discover, create, and grow while on the job. Not that there isn’t any stress, of course there can be. We are part of the National Security Enterprise – not a responsibility we take lightly. To be able to allay the stressors of your job for even a few minutes each day by engaging in fun non-work activities, like a Nerf war or a dance party…just to help blow off steam…is a welcome change to alleviate tensions and create an enjoyable work atmosphere. A sense of fun helps people to have a more positive mind-set, enjoy higher levels of wellbeing and better mental health – something I learned from our mentor and board member Dr. Vince Russo and his book “The Splendid Leader”.

UES Holiday Party

We all find fun from our work when we are recognized, honored, and acknowledged with a thank you from a colleague, or organized company-wide event, trip to an amusement park for you and your family or a fancy corporate gala! Whatever your Fun at Work activity is, I always want to hear about it so we can share your fun ideas company-wide and open the doors to all departments to join in the fun!

Fun is also important to work-life harmony. Balance at home and at work can be tough. With competing family schedules like kids to and from school shuttling or their after-school sports, activities, interests combined with work deadlines, structured goals, and performance evaluations, having fun at work just may be the key to turning the knob down on the stressors and turning up the levity and smiles. Sometimes, work or life, has more pressing needs, making navigating them a challenge. You never want to forget about self-care whether it be working out daily, taking a walk or reading a book. Self-care can also be incorporated into your work day. Did you know that we have a fun group who gather for work-out classes as well as a gym at our Corporate offices? Have you used these facilities and classes? They are just another example of how UES tries to incorporate Fun at Work.

During the recent pandemic, we all learned that isolation from one another, while necessary, took a toll on us. In 2022 it was great to get together for some fun at work activities. With all our normal working conditions interrupted for two years because of the Covid 19, it was great fun to go to Kings Island, compete in corn hole contests and dance to a DJ. You can see from our pictures how much fun we had (click on the collage of photos for some fun dance and Nerf ball action). And, because it’s our 50th anniversary this year, we are planning more and more fun ways to celebrate our golden anniversary in 2023. Cheers to more UES fun at work in 2023!!! How are you going to share in the fun?


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