Interpenetrating Phase Structure in a Friction Stir Welded Al/Steel Butt Joint

November 03, 2017

The defects (porosity) and the interpenetrating phase structure of a friction stir welded HSLA-65/AA 5083 workpiece were analyze using Robo-Met.3D® for automated serial sectioning, and MIPAR™ and Avizo3D software for post processing. The porosity, and ferrous particle size/shape distribution were determined for a large, representative volume of 4328x3732x1013 microns. The ferrous phase particles’ shapes were found to trend with size.

We are grateful to Prof. Rajiv Mishra and Tianhao Wang of the University of North Texas for the FSW sample production. Bryan Turner and Satya Ganti (UES) performed the image collection and post-processing, along with John Sosa (OSU), who presented this work at TMS 2017.

Find the full application note here: Automated Serial Sectioning of Interpenetrating Phase Structure in a Friction Stir Welded Al Alloy/Steel Butt Joint




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