Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an AlMg5Si2Mn Alloy

November 03, 2017

This study evaluated the effect of a novel treatment method on the potential application of AlMg5Si2Mn die casting alloy as a substitute for wrought aluminum alloy in products. The proposed pre-homogenization deformation treatment was intended to increase the hot workability of the AlMg5Si2Mn alloy, which is typically not malleable due to the presence of interconnected brittle phases. A Robo-Met. 3D serial sectioning system and Avizo Fire reconstruction software were used to obtain three-dimensional (3D) images of the second phases (eutectic Mg2Si)  in as-cast and homogenized samples.By disintegrating interconnected eutectic Mg2Si phases into fragmented particles, the slight cold rolling before homogenization significantly enhanced hot rolling workability. Rolled sheets were successfully fabricated by hot and subsequent cold rolling, and the sheets exhibited enhanced mechanical properties compared to cast samples.

Find the full publication here: Effect of Pre-Homogenization Deformation Treatment on the Workability and Mechanical Properties of AlMg5Si2Mn Alloy


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