Madison Reents | Intern | Employee Spotlight

June 07, 2023


Madison Reents

Student Researcher

Applied Sciences (Robo-Met)

We're delighted to have Madison Reents as an intern with the Robo-Met Team at UES. She's a rising junior at The Ohio State University studying Aerospace Engineering, where she was on the rowing team her first year and half of her second year. There, she is also part of the Society of Women Engineers club as well as the Buckeye Space Launch Initiative. Whether it’s a game or a team project, she challenges herself to perform her best and achieve her goals.

What is an achievement you are most proud of?

An achievement I am most proud of is winning the Big Ten Championship last year on the Women’s Rowing team at Ohio State. It was the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I am also proud of myself for walking onto the rowing team my freshman year because I had never rowed before. It was a scary and exciting experience as I was constantly out of my comfort zone. The sport of rowing is unlike any sport I’ve done prior because I was competing with 60+ people on the team, 9 people in my boat, and myself at every practice and test piece, always trying to beat my personal best.

What have you enjoyed learning the most so far in your internship?

So far, I have enjoyed learning how people work together to get a job done. There is always new customizations that customers want with the Robo-Met and it’s exciting to work with my team and see what everyone comes up with. My team just left for Germany to install a Robo-Met, and it has been interesting seeing how they interact with customers and prepare for an installation.

What do you plan on doing next in your career path?

I plan on continuing to grow my knowledge in Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State and applying to internships and research to further my work experience. I am excited to utilize the skills I’ll learn here at UES in future careers, finally having experience outside of engineering classes. I am also excited to see where I’ll end up after broadening my network from this experience.

How did you find this opportunity at UES?

When it came time to apply to internships, I remembered how our family friend Jen Tharpe always expressed how much she loves this company and how great everyone is. I reached out, and thanks to her recommendation I got a job shadow and an interview, and now I am an intern here! True to her word, this experience so far has been better than I could’ve imagined.

What would your advice to other students looking for internships be?

Advice I would give other students is to not be afraid to try something new! Take these experiences to learn what you like and don’t like so that in the future when you find your first job, it is something you will enjoy doing. Also, always be your best self! Meet as many people as you can because you never know who you’ll impress!


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