Reflecting on 2022 and Best Wishes for the New Year

December 29, 2022


Our UES family recently got together for an evening of fun, food and merriment where I shared some of our 2022 annual business highlights. We had a great year in 2022 and 2023 looks to be even better as we celebrate UES, Inc.’s Golden - 50th Anniversary! Here are some highlights from our time together.

UES Holiday Party 2

After two years of working in many creative ways (home offices, remote locations and in the office), just like the rest of the world during the pandemic, we are happy to be back together as a united UES team. It was wonderful to celebrate at a few in-person events throughout this year. And, next year, we will celebrate our 50th Anniversary. That’s a major milestone for any business, especially a small business like ours. When I look back at our history, I am impressed by how many times we have reinvented ourselves, through innovation, loyalty, and enthusiasm. I like to remember all the UES people that are not with us today, but who made this moment possible as I appreciate their hard work and talent.

Today, I continue to be amazed by how engaged our people are all brimming with excitement and new ideas. I see even more interactions emerging within our company and between different UES teams. In 2023 we will continue rebuilding, reconnecting, and re-engaging with various scientific communities. Of special note, this year we promoted from within for some pivotal and important positions:  two new Division Directors and a Vice President of Operations. Additionally, we also hired many full-time personnel and over 30 Student Interns! We will continue to change to adapt and shape our future. We had a successful year with many contract wins and 2023 promises to be as exciting.

 UES Holiday Party

It is proven that our stability and structure allow us to prevail. Our innovation and enthusiasm help us grow. As we grow, we will try to communicate more effectively, team more productively and let the good work of our employees shine. I applaud all of our UES team. May we respect the people who have built UES and incorporate their wisdom while we grow and as we change and face new challenges together. It has been my honor and pleasure to work with you and our customers as we continue to advance the future of science and technology.
May the New Year bring us all health, success and happiness.


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