Robo-Met Publications in 2019

April 17, 2019

Robo-Met Product Icon2019 has brought some great publications featuring Robo-Met.3D® materials characterization! Check out the 3D materials analysis system's applications so far this year, and check back here from time-to-time as more Robo-Met insights get published. Contact us to learn more about how you can use Robo-Met to get the material insights you need today.

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1. Christian, W. J. R., Dvurecenska, K., Amjad, K., Przybyla, C., & Patterson, E. A. (2019). Machine vision characterisation of the 3D microstructure of ceramic matrix composites. Journal of Composite Materials, 0021998319826355.

2. Boyce, B. L., & Uchic, M. D. (2019). Progress toward autonomous experimental systems for alloy development. MRS Bulletin, 44(4), 273-280.

3. Kim, M. S., Kim, H. W., Kim, S. H., & Kumai, S. (2019). Role of Roll Separating Force in High-Speed Twin-Roll Casting of Aluminum AlloysMetals9(6), 645.

4. Shin, E. E. (2019). Pot-ability Assessment of Litz Wires for High Power Density Electric Motor. In AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2019 Forum (p. 4508).

5. Ganti, S., Reed, R., Davis, W. S., & Sundar, V. (2019). Three-Dimensional (3D) Analysis of Inclusions in Structural Alloys with Automated Serial SectioningMicroscopy and Microanalysis25(S2), 432-433.

6. Chapman, M. G., Uchic, M. D., Scott, J. M., Shah, M. N., Donegan, S. P., Shade, P. A., ... & Cox, M. E. (2019). 3D Reconstruction of an Additive Manufactured IN625 Tensile Sample Using Serial Sectioning and Multi-Modal CharacterizationMicroscopy and Microanalysis25(S2), 342-343.

7. Sherman, S., Simmons, J., & Przybyla, C. (2019). Mesoscale Characterization of Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites Through Machine Learning: Fiber ChiralityActa Materialia.

8. Kalidindi, S. R., Khosravani, A., Yucel, B., Shanker, A., & Blekh, A. L. (2019). Data Infrastructure Elements in Support of Accelerated Materials Innovation: ELA, PyMKS, and MATINIntegrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, 1-14.

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