Secondary Phases in Al-Si Piston Alloy

November 03, 2017


3D images of the secondary phases were obtained using the Robo-Met.3D® serial sectioning system. High contiguities between Si, aluminides and Mg2Si were observed in both alloys without and with ultrasonic melt treatment (UST). Mg2Si phases were observed mainly adjacent to the eutectic platelets of Si or aluminides.

Find the full publication here: Improved Mechanical Properties of Near-Eutectic Al-Si Piston Alloy Through Ultrasonic Melt Treatment

Jung, J. G., Lee, S. H., Lee, J. M., Cho, Y. H., Kim, S. H., & Yoon, W. H. (2016). Improved mechanical properties of near-eutectic Al-Si piston alloys through ultrasonic melt treatment. Materials Science and Engineering: A,669, 187-195.


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