UES Hosting Local Event for Material Analysis Solutions in Industry

April 18, 2019

Industry Focus Group Event

UES' Robo-Met team is inviting industrial and manufacturing organizations in the area to join a focus group on material analysis. The event is Thursday, June 6, starting at 3:00 PM, in Dayton, OH. Interested in learning more about Robo-Met.3D®, engaging in small-group sessions, and networking with fellow industry professionals over food and drinks? RSVP for this free event!

Robo-Met Product IconRobo-Met automates the materials characterization process and is well-suited for research and development. To adapt this technology to manufacturing and industrial organizations, UES will host them for a focus group. They want to understand industry's material testing needs and gather feedback on applying this fully-automated serial sectioning technology to their industry.

The event will begin at 3:00 PM ET, with an introduction to Robo-Met. Next, attendees will a tour the production lab with a live demo showcasing Robo-Met's automated metallography. After, they'll brainstorm material analysis solutions for their applications. A social hour with food and drinks will follow at 5:00 PM.

Save your spot at this event and RSVP today!


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