UES, Inc. & Hangar 18

January 25, 2022

Many of you know UES for our tradition of Excellence in the Sciences. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn about our efforts and growth in Digital Engineering – an allied and essential area for our customers and partners to transform the way they work. Increasingly, this digital trend is becoming essential to our everyday professional (and personal) activities.  

One of our partners, Hangar 18, has taken on a very ambitious mission in this area. Hangar 18 (named with tongue firmly in cheek) has taken on the ambitious mission of being our Air Force partner’s recently developed software factory. They have been doing some exciting things, and just last week the Air Force announced that Hangar 18 joins 16 other Department of the Air Force Software Factories— that have sprung up across the nation since the Air Force began its digital transformation efforts in 2017.   

UES is proud to support the Hangar 18 mission in their mission to deliver Agile DevSecOps to the WPAFB Digital Acquisition and Engineering community. They accomplish this by deploying tools and tool pipelines (building them for the AF), collaborating on technical efforts (helping the AF build these tools), and educating the workforce. Further, the Air Force shared that Hangar 18 is a federation of digital teams and assets at WPAFB which are coordinated through a nexus, initially founded by AFRL/RX and AFIT. UES teams in Digital Engineering are actively working with Hangar 18 – and the Air Force – to put these targets in the win column. I thought it would be useful to share a couple of examples of Hangar 18’s Digital Engineering portfolio, to make these concepts concrete.   

In the course of their work, the AFRL and their collaborators generate terabytes worth of research data on a regular basis. Independently generated on stand-alone, and sometimes proprietary systems, the data is often not Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR).  HyperThought - a collaborative content management system, is designed to fix that. It accomplishes this by adding context to the data uploaded by users through Key-Value pairs and process models. This gives users the benefit of not only finding their data when searching for it, but also for others to re-use the data for advanced discovery. This greater context can lead to discoveries otherwise left unnoticed by leveraging existing knowledge from the research community.  

Our partners can also face the challenge of sharing their accomplishments with the appropriate distribution security. Avolve is a content sharing platform for all Air, Space, and military professionals to explore and view videos, documents, websites, and Learning Paths for their training, education and self-improvement. Content can be contributed by anyone who wishes to share their expertise or interests with other Air, Space, or military professionals, all behind a secure CAC authenticated firewall. Individuals and organizations, enlisted, officers and civilians, are all able to share their knowledge and messages across services, commands, career paths, and geography.  

UES teams are actively working with Hangar 18, the Air Force, and other stakeholders to update and change the way we work – Digitally. At UES, Inc., we're looking for highly qualified and motivated full stack developers, hybrid practitioners (engineering & software), user centered software designers and agile managers to join us in an exciting opportunity to enable rapid advancements in digital engineering as we work with Hangar 18 and other partners towards accomplishing their missions. Join us as we work to change the Digital Engineering Landscape. 


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