UES Presents SilverHAWQ Technology to Ohio State Representatives

October 01, 2015

UES’ SilverHAWQ® development team members presented the patented biosensing platform to Spearer Cliff Rosenberger of the Ohio House of Representatives and his colleagues. The SilverHAWQ® sensor platform is being extended to detect hazardous blue green algae - a challenge that many water bodies in Ohio face.

We are grateful to our local Ohio Reps. Niraj Antani and Rick Perales for hosting us in Columbus! Melanie Tomczak, Liemin Au, Nina Joshi and Veeraraghavan Sundar represented UES.


UES Team Members with Speaker Rosenberger and Colleagues

The SilverHAWQ® sensor detects biological and chemical contaminants in water within minutes of sampling and provides a qualitative positive or negative result. Detectable targets besides hazardous blue green algae, include E. coli, Shiga toxins 1 and 2, cholera and Bacillus subtilis spores and vegetative cells. The sensor provides quantitative data logging by a serial port and wireless transmission of results by mesh networking.

This meeting follows an earlier presentation in September, when UES’ SilverHAWQ® development team members led by Dr. Melanie Tomczak had the honor of presenting the technology to Vice Chairman Tony Burkley (Payne), Reps. A. Nino Vitale (Urbana) and Kyle Koehler (Springfield) and Jeffrey Rezabek (Clayton) of the Ohio House of Representatives Agricultural and Rural Development Committee in Preble County. SilverHAWQ technology will be useful in alerting for clean water issues that challenge many Ohio communities.


Dr.Tomczak addresses the Agricultural and Rural Development Committee

Learn more about SilverHAWQ at http://www.www.ues.com/content/silverhawq

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