World Creativity and Innovation Week

April 21, 2022

I have the privilege of working with many scientists, colleagues, collaborators and customers. Regardless of our fields of expertise, I notice some common traits – curiosity about how things work, and creativity in how we explore the world we live in. And, as a result, Scientists are some of the happiest and most innovative people I know. The way I see it, these traits go hand in hand.  Marci Siegal said it best when she shared, “Creativity and innovation are relatives. If you want innovation to occur, creativity best be on the menu.”

Here's a great example of tenacious creativity, former UES employee, Dr. Jonathan Spowart, who now works for the AFRL.

In our busy world, it can be challenging to make time to advance your innovation agenda and cultivate creativity in the people around you. The development of new thinking, new ideas, and new actions often winds up on the back burner. So why not leverage World Creativity and Innovation Week celebrations (April 15 – 21) to gain momentum on perplexing problems or seeking opportunities? 

Creativity and innovation are relatives and you want innovation to occur (for yourself or your team), like Marci said, creativity better be on the menu. So must be a climate of a day-to-day environment which welcomes curiosity and exploration. That’s what we are creating here at UES, Inc.

Back in the day, creativity wasn’t as well thought of as it is now. Many combined it with the arts and left it there. Now we are aware of how new thinking, new models, and new approaches all result from a beginning creative spark of insight fueled by imagination. In IBM’s Global Study of CEOs, creativity was revealed as "the most crucial factor for future success."  Wow!

The purpose of World Creativity and Innovation Week is to provide a framework to strengthen awareness and provide support so that any team can:

  • express themselves in new ways
  • find new solutions to old problems
  • create new opportunities
  • overcome barriers
  • open new choices
  • make new decisions
  • create new futures

I would ask you to consider, whatever your role is – that you consider ways you can celebrate these intensely human qualities – creativity and innovation. What would get your creative juices flowing? Your suggestions are welcome. Feel free to add to the comments below. We welcome your ideas, creativity, and innovation!


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