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We distinguish ourselves by continuously investing in our in-house laboratories where we develop and transition our scientific innovations into commercial products and services. Tap or click on the tiles below to learn more about our award-winning products.

TitanCoat is a coating for die casting


Advanced coatings for die casting components

RotorKote.GB is a performance enhancing lubricant


Additive package for gear system lubricants

R&D 100 Award winner IBIS PCSS is a compact gallium arsenide based switch product by UES


Picosecond Photo-Conductive Semiconductor Switch

SilverHawq is a UES Product to quickly and reliably detect E.Coli in public water


Field-deployable rapid E. coli analysis sensor

Super high strength aluminum alloy

SHS Al Alloy 7042

Super high strength, high toughness aluminum alloy

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