Robo-Met 3D®

Robo-Met 3D® is a fully automated, serial sectioning system for three-dimensional microstructural investigations. Developed by UES in conjunction with the US AFRL, the system sequentially grinds and polishes away layers of material with high accuracy.  This enables metallographic etching and imaging of the microstructure of materials. Post-processing reassembles these 2D images, gathered over an optical scale, into 3D models.

Operator software allows for fully programmable processing parameters to ensure accurate and repeatable processing.  Because it’s fully automated, the Robo-Met.3D system will increase efficiency and save you time and money in your met lab or research facility.

Multiple materials can be analyzed with the system:

  – Ceramic matrix composites             – Aerospace alloys             – Additive manufacturing components                       

  – Coatings             – Polymer matrix composites             – Welded structures             – Structural metals and ceramics

Materials processes happen in 3D. However, current 2D analysis only visualizes processes at the continuum and component length scale, missing out on vital links between properties, performance and 3D microstructures. Porosity calculations, average grain size, ALA grains, grain distributions, and phase volume statistics are some examples of the data that can be generated in 3D materials analyses.

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White etching region (WER) in M50 Steel – Conventional 2D Microscopy

WER in M50 Steel – Robo-Met.3D Dataset and Analysis

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