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3D Materials Insights for Additive Manufacturing

Automatic serial sectioning with Robo-Met provides you with deep materials data such as microstructure and defects over large sample volumes, up to cubic centimeters, at light optical microscopy resolutions. Verify your additive manufacturing builds with porosity calculations, average grain size, grain distributions, and phase volume statistics through Robo-Met's 3D materials analysis.

See how others are using Robo-Met in additive manufacturing

Don't take our word for it; take a look at how Dr. Sundar and his colleagues investigated the porosity in additively manufactured and conventional alloy components, comparing 2D estimates from traditional analysis techniques to comprehensive 3D characterization using Robo-Met.3D®. Fill out the form below to receive a pdf copy of the full publication "Porosity Analysis Via 3D Serial Sectioning for Additively Manufactured Alloy Samples."