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Accelerate your research process by adding our Expert Team to yours. We provide cost-effective design and 3D printing services.

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Our turnkey CAD design and fabrication services are based on the years of expertise our team brings to your projects. Unlike impersonal print on demand services, we live in the flexible research and development ecosystem. We have assembled a collaborative team of experts that will problem solve with you to create and iterate parts to your needs, on your schedule. 

With access to a wide variety of additive and conventional technologies, we can offer you services based on:

  • Design services for parts and PCBs

  • Filament based printing for conventional and high temperature durable materials

  • Digital light and inkjet processing

  • A wide palette of materials : Epoxies / Acrylics / PEEK / PEI / Elastomers / PEKK A

  • Screen printing

  • CNC machining

  • Our well-equipped machine shop

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