Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering

The Surface Engineering group at UES is proud of several accomplishments. An R&D 100 award in 2015 for a PCSS (photoconductive semiconductor switch), and an expanding commercial customer base for their TitanCoatTM advanced coating technologies are the most recent.  UES has accumulated over 60 + years of surface engineering experience to develop these and other products.  This  group is passionate about surface engineering and is still progressing by moving into spray technologies to develop solutions to erosion on jet engine turbine blades, repair of material components in nuclear reactors and navy vessels, landing gear bushing/bearing applications and lubricants for oil out applications.  We also specialize in multi-scale aerospace bearing testing and research.

Our scientists in these technical areas have had and will continue to have the opportunity to develop technologies and introduce these technologies into commercial markets.  The same scientists also continue to support them as flourishing products.  

In surface engineering, UES specializes in modifying surfaces of solid materials without affecting their bulk characteristics to modify friction, erosion, corrosion and oxidation characteristics.  Our corporate functions are structured to support our employees and their families, and strive to help our scientists reach their goals.

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