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At UES, we strive to offer comprehensive resources for transitioning scientific breakthroughs into commercial opportunities. Our experienced team provides expertise in all aspects of commercializing research. Explore our research, emerging technologies, and support capabilities.

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Emerging Technologies

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10053763: Carbo-nitriding process for martensitic stainless steel and stainless steel article having improved corrosion resistance 

9528915: Automated high speed metallographic system

9028807: Synthesis models for antimicrobial agents via the halogenation of organic/inorganic composites

7972938: Methods of splitting CdZnTe layers from CdZnTe substrates for the growth of HgCdTe

7935387: Methods for fabricating YAG barrier coatings

7910217: Wear resistant coatings for race land regions of bearing materials (TiN-Ag)

7632455: High temperature niobium alloy

7566408: YAG lasing systems and methods

7060139: High strength aluminum alloy composition

7048815: Method of making a high strength aluminum alloy composition

7033682: Coating solutions for titanium and titanium alloy machining

7022262: Yttrium aluminum garnet powders and processing

6620756: Ceramic matrix composite cutting tool material

Applied: Polarized Light Material Inspection Tool

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Emerging Technologies

The below technologies are mature within the technology transition process and are in the process of being validated for commercial opportunities. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

  • Copper Beryllium Replacement

  • Optical Inspection of Grain Structures and Microtexture Regions

  • Gold Nanorods

  • Air Quality Test Kit for Ground Engine Runs

  • Clarity Bioanalytics



Phase II SBIR/STTR projects advance technologies developed in Phase I towards a minimal viable product demonstration. A current listing of our active programs is listed below, and please contact us for more information.

  • Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Scale-Up (STTP)

  • Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics

  • High Temperature, High Performance Wire Insulation

  • Alternative Materials to Cu-Be for Landing Gear Bushing/Bearing Applications

  • Joining of Ni based Superalloys for Sustainable High -Temperature Hybrid Turbine Rotors

  • Joining of ceramic composites for nuclear applications

  • Low Cost High Entropy Alloy (HEA) Anode for Distributed Reforming and Prevention of Carbon Deposition in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)



Product Innovation

UES excels in keeping pace with innovation while pursuing technological leadership and sustaining market competitiveness. We’re willing to work with companies to convert research and knowledge into competitive emerging products that respond to evolving market needs.


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We solve scientific challenges. With over 45 years of excellence across many disciplines of science, we'd love to help you solve yours. Whether you need a single consult with an expert or you want to collaborate on a long-term project, we'll help by:

  • Supporting a new product
  • Making technical specification and quality improvements to an existing product
  • Including new components, materials, or desirable functions into an existing product

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