1973 – UES is founded by Dr. Krishan K Joshi; wins an early Energy Conservation Contract from the USAF.

1976 – UES begins building and investing in Corporate Laboratories   – now at 15,000 square feet, housing our surface engineering, biotechnology and ceramics laboratories.

1982 – Awarded first Phase I SBIR under the new SBA/SBIR Program. UES has won over 200 SBIR awards to date.

1984 – UES expands into High Temperature Materials, Human Factors Consulting and Training.

1986 – UES expands into Software Development. This will result in software products such as KI Shell, Antares, and ProCAST.

1988 – UES expands into contracts in propulsion, materials and software development.

1990 – UES acquires Paravant stock.

1996 – UES grows Paravant to an IPO.

1997 – KI Shell Sold.

2002 – Sold UES Software and Paravant businesses; UES wins Tibbetts award for SBIR Excellence.

2004 – UES expands into biotech research, develops Robo-Met.3D®.

2005 – UES becomes a supplier to Honda of America through the TitanCoatTM products.

2006 – First Robo-Met.3D® delivered to Ohio State.

2007 – Commercialized SHS Al Alloy 7042.

2007 – Dr. Nina Joshi takes over as CEO.

2013 – First Robo-Met.3D® unit shipped to the EU market.

2015 – UES wins R&D 100 Award for IBISTM PCSS Switch.