Additive Manufacturing Validation

We've been working on a NASA-sponsored SBIR project on additive manufacturing validation with Robo-Met. We're wrapping up the Phase I SBIR now, and we're excited to announce that our research is now published with JMEP! Want free access now? fill out the form to receive our exclusive link to the full publication without paying a thing.

What you'll get from this summary:

  • Strengths and limitations of XCT in AM Validation
  • Workflows to validate XCT using serial sectioning as ground truth
  • Initial POD data derived from these comparisons

    Comparison of the AOSS (a) and XCT (b) representations of the same flaw. This flaw corresponds to Flaw #2960 in the AOSS data and Flaw #1718 in the XCT data.
    Figure above shows comparison of the Robo-Met (a) and XCT (b) representations of the same flaw.

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