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Division 60 | Founded 2003

Aerospace Power & Propulsion Technologies

Research in power systems analysiselectrical power systems, as well as energy conversion and storage.

The evolution of modern aerospace military weapons has led to the demand for higher power levels. These higher power levels cannot be achieved without reliable high power/temperature performance and efficient thermal management of their subsystems. UES scientists have been instrumental in addressing these limitations by innovative applications of advanced technologies. The UES Aerospace Power and Propulsion team assists and enables the development of higher power levels for weapons on military platforms.

Division 60's core capabilities include, but are not limited to, conducting advanced analytical and experimental research in aerospace weapons power systems analysis, electrical power systems, energy conversion and storage, and structural integrity as applied to strike, tactical and unmanned military aerospace weapons platforms.

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Advancing Aerospace Technology

UES' Aerospace Power & Propulsion Technologies division works to advance aerospace components and subsystems for future applications

UES Scientists and Engineers work in tandem with United States Air Force personnel assisting the development of advanced aerospace components and subsystems that will find their way into a wide variety of futuristic aerospace weapons platforms.

We also are very active in the SBIR/STTR programs, and we are proud of our success taking innovative ideas to the next level with technology transition. An electrical power systems laboratory has been established to develop innovative Electrical Accumulator Units that are capable of Dual-Mode operation to source and sink power with the main electrical bus of a tactical fighter.

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