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Official UES Logo in White

We have two versions of our logo, the full-color version for most applications, and the white version for use on darker backgrounds to improve readability.

Please contact us with any questions on appropriate use of our logo, or the logo file. In your message requesting the logo, please include:

  • What you will use the logo for
  • Which version(s) you would like
  • What size you need the logo to be
  • If you need other logo layout versions (square, portrait, etc.)
  • Which file format(s) you would like

For media inquiries, please contact us here.

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We use these division icons to represent our

Areas of Expertise

Materials Processes Division Icon

Materials &

Aerospace Power Propulsion Technologies Division Icon

Aerospace Power &
Propulsion Technologies

Surface Engineering Division Icon


Biological Nanoscale Technologies Division Icon

Biological & Nanoscale

Photonic Electronic Technologies Division Icon

Photonic & Electronic

Additive Manufacturing Division Icon


Integrative Health Performance Sciences Division Icon

Integrative Health &
Performance Sciences

We use these logos to represent our

Products and Services

Robo-Met Product Icon

Robo-Met Materials Analysis

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IBIS PCSS Product Icon


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Robo-Met.3D Serial Sectioning Material Testing Equipment