Division 45: Integrative Health and Performance Sciences

Division 35 | Founded 2017

Integrative Health & Performance Sciences

Sensors, Biotechnology, Omics and Analytics

The Integrative Health and Performance Sciences Division is currently setting the standard for high-level research in AFRL’s 711th and beyond. Our areas of focus include sensors for cognitive and physiological health and performance monitoring as well as environmental exposure assessment, biotechnology, -omics and analytics. Our scientists specialize in chem/biosensors and circuits, in engineering and design, and system prototyping, test and evaluation. Specialization in -omics technologies and advanced data analytics and modeling contributes to advancing these fields.

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Keeping Airmen Safe

UES' Integrative Health & Performance Sciences division supports AFRL with Human Performance research and technology

UES supports Aerospace Medicine (Force Health Protection) and Airmen Systems (Human Signatures Branch) to enhance Air Force personnel capabilities and effectiveness, while protecting them. We are proud to serve a Directorate that considers itself the heart of Airman-centered science and technology for the Air Force.

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