AURA Gold Nanoparticles Tunable, Uniform, High Purity For Your Applications

UES' AURATM Gold Nanoparticles feature tunable aspect ratios, high shape purity, and low polydispersity. They are functionalizable, and are cost-effective to meet your specifications.

A UES | An Eqlipse Company Product

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Pure and Uniform Gold Nanoparticles

UES' proven process for gold nanoparticles is cost-effective and makes gold nanoparticles accessible for a wide range of applications. AURA gold nanoparticles feature:

  • High mass extinction coefficients

  • Precisely tunable size and length

  • Tunable aspect ratio 

  • Well-controlled purity and uniformity

  • Ready functionalizability with CTAB, PEG, and Polystyrene.

High Concentration Gold Nanoparticles

We make some of the highest concentration spheres, rods, and nanowires available, reducing your cost and simplifying your process.




Access the AURA Tech Sheet - HERE