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Division 30 | Founded 2010

Biological & Nanoscale Technologies

Bio-inspired flexible/stretchable functional materials for tomorrow’s challenges

In Biological & Nanoscale Technologies, our core capabilities are soft material research, development, and technology transition spanning across multiple fields including organic synthesis, synthetic biology, microbial contaminations, functional additive manufacturing, flexible hybrid electronics, and machine learning/optimization.

We have already contributed to nanomaterial production and scale-up, biostabilization, better understanding of microbial contamination of materials and its mitigation, flexible materials development, sweat and water-based biological sensing approaches, functional additive manufacturing, high throughput biological analysis, and autonomous experimentation. Our current areas of focus now include electro-optic modulators, multiferroics, nanoelectronics, plasmonics, and metamaterials.

You may be interested in our commercial nanomaterial products - ELMNT® Liquid Metal Inks, and AURA™ Gold Nanoparticles.

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Commitment to STEM Education


The Biological & Nanoscale Technologies Division is proud to mentor Carroll High School's iGEM team, the iGEM Lab Pats, who never cease to amaze UES with their dedication to their projects in synthetic biology. Besides winning awards at the iGEM competition and getting their own article published, these incredible students are committed to collaborating with other students and taking an active role in their community.

Read more about the iGEM Lab Pats and UES' STEM outreach on our STEM Education page.

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