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Division 25 | Founded 2016

Photonic & Electronic Technologies

Electromagnetics, high-energy lasers, imaging systems, nano electronic materials and circuitry, nonlinear optics, multiferroics

With our DoD partners, UES has established leadership in the research and development of photonic and electronic technologies. Our current electronic areas of focus include electro-optic modulators, multiferroics, nanoelectronics, plasmonics, and metamaterials. Our photonic research extends to laser-materials interaction testing the study of materials' performance in high temperature environments. We operate the Laser Heated Materials Evaluation Laboratory (LHMEL®), which is accessible by external users through a CRADA mechanism. Controlled laser heating coupled with operationally significant environmental simulation provides valuable data to high temperature materials developers. 

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Laser/Materials Interaction Testing


Part of the Photonic and Electronic Technologies Division, the Laser Heated Materials Evaluation Laboratory (LHMEL) provides high temperature materials characterization performance data to the United States Air Force, The Department of Defense, NASA, and commercial industry customers. This nationally unique research and development laboratory specializes in laser/materials interaction testing focused on thermal simulation in operationally significant environmental simulations.

Learn more about LHMEL, an AFRL facility managed by UES.

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