Morgan Loveday | Intern | Employee Spotlight

July 05, 2023


Morgan Loveday

Student Researcher

Division 30
Biological & Nanoscale Technologies

We are so happy to have Morgan in the Biological & Nanoscale Technologies Division. She is currently a senior undergraduate chemistry major at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, but grew up in Gallipolis. Like most UES folks, she has multiple interests along with Science, and enjoys playing the saxophone and piano in her free time. She grew up on a farm and loves cooking, tractors, and cows!

What have you enjoyed learning the most so far in your internship?

Since I started as an intern, I have gained so much conceptual and practical knowledge, working with Ly Tran has been very enjoyable. I have been learning a lot about polymer chemistry, which I hadn’t studied much before, as well as learning many practical skills in the lab. Being and intern here has given me the opportunity to become more familiar with many types of characterization, including gel permeation chromatography, x-ray diffraction, and spectroscopic methods. My team works on thin films and it has been awesome to get the chance to learn about the properties and characteristics of all kinds of inorganic and organic materials from my group members.

What do you plan on doing next in your career path?

I feel like I have multiple options. Wanting to finish my Bachelor's degree in chemistry and working near my hometown is what I thought my plan was. After working at UES, I am considering graduate school so I can do research for a while at a university because I found that I enjoy many aspects of research. Thankfully I have another year of school to really solidify my plans and discover what I want to do next!

How did you find this opportunity at UES?

During my sophomore year in at Miami, I found that I loved organic chemistry. I ended up changing my major to chemistry and began looking for related internships. Student researcher at UES was one of the most interesting and prestigious positions and I was worried it was a long shot. I am super grateful that I was hired to work with polymers and covalent organic frameworks to be able to work and learn in my area of interest, as a lot of students working around me are engineering majors. 

What would your advice to other students looking for internships be?

I would encourage students to be confident and apply for positions, even if you are afraid that you are not qualified enough, as we often underestimate ourselves. Also, when you begin an internship, I think the most important thing you can do is to learn as much as you can and say yes to every opportunity to try something new! In my position at UES, I feel like I have opportunities to learn new things every day because so many others are willing to teach about instruments or processes and talk about their work.


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