Thinking…and Thought Leaders

February 22, 2023

Today (Feb 22) is the celebration of the World Thinking Day…which got me thinking….about thinking. It’s something that we all do. And, then I was thinking, what if we thought more…intentionally?

Young man thinking with glowing brain illustration

This advice comes to me from many sides. My dad, Kris Joshi, founder of UES, Inc., has always advised me to spend more time everyday walking and thinking. Dr. Daniel Miracle of the Air Force Research Laboratory shares in an AFRL Inspire Talk the importance of an idea….which comes from thinking. "An idea has the power to change the world!".

Dr. Miracle discusses the importance of how we should intentionally take the time to think in our busy lives. Allowing ourselves the space to not just go go go, but to take the time to creatively open our minds to the possibilities of "what if?". He literally schedules time in his calendar for thinking. What a creative idea!

The term thought leader is one that’s been around for quite some time. While it technically means someone who is considered an authority or leader in their field, it can have other connotations, too. For example, a thought leader could be a company that is exceptionally experienced and successful within its given marketplace, like UES, Inc. Or it can be a compilation of content from individuals who know a subject or an industry in-depth.

But, as Dr. Miracle elaborates, “Ideas are transformed to reality through people and the people who make this happen are thought leaders. Thought leaders harness two compelling forces: ideas and leadership. Thought leaders generate compelling new ideas and then transform them into reality through vision, conviction, the ability to inspire others to action.” It is this bent to action, which sometimes requires more courage than we might think we have in a situation, that is the outcome of effective thoughts and ideas.

As scientists, many of us are always mentally busy problem solving. Our challenge then is to grow into effective thinkers and thought leaders. I hope that you create the time and space in your busy day to think, to wonder, to be curious and creative. I also hope that with the right idea, you are called to be change agents. I’m looking to you to offer unique guidance, inspire innovation, and influence others in your role as a thought leader.


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