UES Robo-Met.3D® Team Hosts International Student Training

July 30, 2015


UES’ Robo-Met.3D® team hosted a group of undergraduate and graduate Materials Science students from Pusan National University, South Korea. The students, through the Creative Korea/PNU program, took part in a 10-day research project analyzing advanced alloys used in heat exchanger applications. They trained on and operated UES’ Robo-Met.3D serial sectioning system to construct 3D models of the materials’ structure. We congratulate SeenChan Kim, Seung Yeop Lee, DongJu Lim, ChanHwi Park, and SeulBi Lee on successfully completing this program. Prof. Yoon Suk Choi of PNU, a UES alumnus, coordinated this program and provided mentoring.

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