UES Ships First CE Marked Robo-Met.3D® to the UK-Expanding International Market

September 17, 2014

Dayton, OH

UES, Inc., a global leader in 3D visualization and automated metallography, announced CE Mark approval for their Robo-Met.3D® system today. The CE Mark allows UES to begin installation of systems sold in the European Union.

“Receiving CE Mark approval for our flagship product, Robo-Met.3D, is a significant milestone for UES. We are proud of the extensive research and testing invested into Robo-Met.3D that resulted in this achievement”, said Dr. Nina Joshi, President and CEO. “This latest shipment continues the product growth into international markets, with two currently installed in South Korea . We are happy to be able to take a product invented here in the Dayton OH region by UES and AFRL/RX scientists, and introduce it to the world”.

Robo-Met.3D is a unique automated serial sectioning system used in materials science to analyze microstructures in 3D. Automating what used to be an intensively manual process, the system allows scientists to use optical microscopy to better visualize and understand advanced materials structures, processes in 3D, leading to better design. The system features a full, mobile enclosure for convenience and safety, and large granite surface for vibration-free images. The system operates autonomously after the initial setup via the external operator's station. The automation software has a straight-forward, easy-to-use interface, allowing a painless configuration for each sample run.

“In light of the favorable market response Robo-Met.3D has experienced in the U.S., we are eager to begin installation and use in Europe”, said Tom Kielbaso, Sales Engineer. “We are dedicated to providing analytical tools and software that automate and expedite materials development. Robo-Met.3D provides us insights into materials that conventional microscopy cannot – and in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We are pleased now to start providing the system to our European customers, beginning with a new Materials Laboratory located in Birmingham, United Kingdom.”

The first EU installation of RoboMet.3D will be completed in the 4th Quarter of 2014.

About UES Inc:

Founded in 1973, UES, Inc. is an innovative science and technology company that provides its government and industry customers with superior research and development expertise and world-class support.  We take great pride in developing products and services from our technologies for commercialization and transition.

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